Step life

Cinderella. Snow white. Happily n’ever after. Enchanted. Tangled. The Parent Trap.

A list of films and they all have something in common….Wicked Stepmothers! Really! 

I didn’t realise this until I found myself as a wicked Stepmother.  Hang on, no, I’m not wicked, I’m just a Stepmother. 

Finding myself in this situation at the age of 31 is not what I planned, but then again nothing happens how you planned it to. Does it?

I will tell all about my story and how I got to the stage of being Stepmother to two beautiful girls, aged 11 and 14, as I go along this blog journey. 

For now though I will leave you all with the thought about how we aren’t only influenced by the people round us; friends and families, but also by innocent Disney films. 

Disney, as much as I love the classics (Dumbo was my favourite as a child) please start to introduce step parents as adults who love and want the best for children, even though they aren’t their own.

V x